Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dready Misconceptions

If you have dreads, you WILL get bugs.
Nope. No bugs in my hair, or any other dreadhead that I know of anyway.  If you wash your hair a few times a month, avoid sleeping with flea infested animals, refrain from rubbing heads with someone with head lice, abstain from using lice infested hats/headbands and withhold from placing them in your hair yourself, you should be OK in terms of getting bugs.
Her dreads look pretty clean to me!

Dreadlocks are made by not washing or combing your hair.
This is true, but not all dreadlocks are made this way.  Most of the dreadheads I know put them in after hours of crocheting/backcombing/twist and rip.  I suppose it is true to an extent that you don't wash your hair, because you don't, at least not every day.

Asians can't have dreadlocks.
As long as theres hair, it can dread.  Though "Asian hair" tends to be a thicker strand, it will dread.  I've given asians dreadlocks myself, and they look great!

You have to shave your head when you want to get rid of them.
I combed out my first set of dreadlocks with a comb and a bottle of conditioner.  With time and patience, it can most definitely be done (NOTE: if you looped your roots, its a lot harder to remove by combing).  You can also cut your dreadlocks short and comb the rest of the hair out.  

Dreadlocks damage your scalp.
It may seem like that when you first get them, because they probably will itch due to pulling and lack of washing.  Over time this goes away.  My head hardly itches anymore, no more than it did when I had straight hair.  You scalp does not get damaged.  In fact its healthier for your scalp to not wash it so much.  The oils your scalp produces is there for a reason.  When you wash your hair every day, you strip your scalp of these oils, forcing your glands to produce new and more oil every day.  When you don't wash your hair every day, you let the natural oils condition your scalp.  As time goes on, you'll produce less oil on a daily basis.  This is because your scalp doesn't have to replenish every single day.

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  1. "Dreads are dirty" - only if you don't wash them!

    "Dreads have bugs in them" - only if you let them in!

    The amount of stupid things I hear people say with regards to dreads is mind boggling..

    Also, re scalp damage.. when I combed out my two previous sets of dreads, I used to go to the hairdressers to get a trim (split ends etc.) The hairdressers were always amazed when I said I just got rid of dreads - they were amazed by the strength and condition of my hair, because I hadn't been blow drying, curling, straightening, combing, messing, dying etc it every other day.