Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Why do I have dreads?

I've wanted dreadlocks since I was probably about 11 or 12.  I went to a catholic school so I had to wait until I was in college.  I love them.  I think that dreadlocks are a reflection of the wearers personality.  Messy dreads show the persons ease in physical appearance.  Tight, perfect dreads show that the wearer is probably a perfectionist.  Dreads with string and beads show the persons fun side.  The colors they choose and the type of bead will tell you further.  After having met so many dreadheads, as well as being responsible for a handful of dreadlocks, I can almost tell what kinds of dreadlocks the person will end up having by their personality.  This is probably my favorite thing about dreadlocks.  Every head is different and reflects each individual.
I also love dreadlocks for the journey involved.  I truly believe that having dreadlocks changes your life.  Simply by having people constantly look at you and judge you makes you stronger and confident.  I feel like a rock star with dreads.  Some people like them, some people don't.  Its an opinion, but I am absolutely in love with my dreads no matter what any one else says.

The longer you have your dreads, the more you get to know them.  You'll have your favorites, and you'll also meet your rascals.  Only YOU know your dreads.  I can tell you where my fattest dread is, where my shortest dread is, which ones are my favorites, which one has a fish tail and which one is the most rascal.  Ask me, and I can pull it out of my head without even thinking.  You gain a relationship between your dreads, and no one knows them better than you.

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  1. Thank you. I am 49 years old and am starting the dreadlock process for the very first time and I'm making it a solo journey. No one else is helping me backcomb or palm roll tho I may add certain people's energy before I'm done. I've made 16 braids on my head. The first braid at the nape of my neck yielded 2 dreads and they aren't even all the way in yet. And it's a journey. A journey to me. To find out how I reflect to the outer world. And I needed to hear what you had to say. :) Namaste