Friday, March 9, 2012

Maturing Process

Depending on the type of hair you have, your method and how often you tighten will determine exactly how long it will take for your dreadlocks to mature.  Most say it takes about a year for dreadlocks to reach maturity.  Here is a little time line I put together of what dreads look like from babies to grown ups.  NOTE: This time line does not apply to natural born dreadlocks.  Natural dreadlocks will take a few months longer to mature than dreadlocks that have been regularly maintained.

Brand New Baby Dreads
Your head is probably sore after having been pulled and tugged for a couple of hours.  This should go away after a few days, if not, you may want to loosen a few extra tight bands.  They are separated nicely and with a headband or hat, should look pretty good.

First Week
There is a good chance that your dreads start to go down hill from day one.  After sleeping, touching, shaking and playing with them, they probably look a little frizzy.  Keep palm rolling them as often as you can and touch up with a crochet hook.  REMEMBER WATCH THOSE ROOTS!!!  Keep those roots nice and separate.

First Month
The first month with baby dreads is varies between two extremes.  One being you're totally psyched on your new babies, or two, every day is a bad hair day.  Somedays were good, but most were bad when I first got my dreadlocks.  It helps to find a style of wearing them that you are comfortable with.  My favorite hairstyle for the first few months was to tie it up in a bun with a head band.  It looked cleaner, and less cave woman like.  As for washing, you should still only be washing about every week and the most.  If you can go longer, then go longer.  Keep palm rolling and crocheting, and watch for signs of congoing. 

4 months to One year
Dreadlocks should be pretty separate and tight by around the 4th month.  There will still be lots of loose hairs, but the dreadlock itself should have a pretty definite shape and an almost "solid" feel to it.  There may still be some loopy looking dreadlocks in the 4-7 month, but majority should be looking pretty good.  Your scalp should be used to not washing as much, and the maintenance requirement should start to decrease.  

5.5 Months
7 Months
9 Months
One Year

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